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Image by NASA

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Plastic Polluted Ocean

Sustainability reporting is an organization's practice of reporting publicly on its economic, environmental, and/or social impacts, and hence its contributions positive or negative - towards the goal of sustainable development (GRI 2016)

It is the measurement, management, and reporting of corporate activities that maintain or enhance the ability of the company to create value over the long term...This includes activities that involve human, social, and environmental capital, but also the impacts of governance, leadership, and innovation on value creation…have a financial impact. (SASB)

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At Climate CPA we believe that a positive impact on the environment can help the world around us, and make money at the same time. It’s our own belief and what we teach our clients. Sustainable ESG (environmental, social and governance) consulting can help your business strategize the next ten years and provide amazing growth. We offer our clients both project consulting and team lectures at all different levels. Whether you’re a total newbie, or an educated ESG professional, we have you covered.


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