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Sustainability Consulting

Our consulting services relate to all different aspects of sustainability. We can help you with a specific regulation or standard, or a general understanding. Whether you’re a small, local business or a multinational corporation, we can help you reach new levels of success.

Business Culture

Business culture is really promoted by management. Is management supporting and promoting employees? Is it a warm culture? Do we care about abuse occurring in the supply chain in a third world country? Without warning, that abuse can easily end up affecting your share price.

External Stakeholder Analysis & Management

External stakeholders are those people outside the organization. The NGO’s, local communities, politicians, and anyone affected by your company. We can help you understand how they impact you and how you impact them.

Disclosure Strategies

How to disclose? What to disclose? When to disclose? This is the basis behind sustainability standards. To disclose, it is important to be in compliance with the specific standard you are working with.

Internal Stakeholder Analysis & Management

Internal stakeholders are those people inside the organization. The shareholders, employees and management are crucial to your success. They are also responsible for management of the ESG process. Ignore the internal stakeholders and you might have an employee walkout.

Understanding Sustainability

Our series of lectures will help you and your team understand sustainability. We will work with your team to understand the goals they are striving to achieve. Why, How, What, Where & When. Why do it? How to disclose? What to disclose? Where to disclose? When to disclose?


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