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At Climate CPA we believe that a positive impact on the environment can help the world around us, and make money at the same time. It’s our own belief and what we teach our clients. Sustainable ESG (environmental, social and governance) consulting can help your business strategize the next ten years and provide amazing growth. We offer our clients both project consulting and team lectures at all different levels. Whether you’re a total newbie, or an educated ESG professional, we have you covered.
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Shmueli Milecki CPA
Founder and Principal

Shmueli is from Australia, having graduated from Monash University with a Master’s in Business Management. He has lived in countries all over the world including Israel, Russia and South America learning five languages (although he is rusty when he doesn’t practice).

After working in different positions in the accounting field, he went for his CPA degree and started his own practice in 2014. The practice includes tax and advisory services, with a focus on strategic business management from a financial accounting background.  

After receiving questions in sustainability related fields, he started to learn more about sustainability and realized how connected it was to his management advisory services. Sustainability accounting and reporting has since then become a focus of his business.

In addition to being a CPA, he is certified by the two leading international sustainability standards. He is both a SASB FSA credential holder, as well as a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional.

He is also a sought-out lecturer, speaking about sustainability and accounting issues.

He is currently developing a series of sustainability lectures, including introductions to sustainability, stakeholders, and various standards.

Shmueli is active in the community including serving as a board member at large of the New York State Society of CPA’s.

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